Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I've been tagged again!

Well I've been tagged again, so will put another 7 facts about myself:

1) I now have .....8 tattooes!
2) When I was pregnant, I knew without a doubt that I was having a boy
3) I have a virtual twin sister, who lives in Ireland
4) My husband and I built a trike from a Ford escort
5) I once won a two week holiday to Bali
6) I agreed to marry my husband on our 2nd date!
7) I have a double jointed left thumb

My problem now is that I don't know how to put a link to the next 7 people! Please don't anyone tag me again, as I can't think of any more interesting facts about me!! LOL

Monday, 28 April 2008

Purrfect Pets envelope

At last! I have made my final envelope for the birthday books challenge on Craftswap Forum :) This is the envelope for the pets team, I have used a lovely sheet of paper from Flair designs to make the envelope, and have decorated it with one of my own design cat stamps, which I have coloured in with Aquatone sticks. The envelope is fastened with two animal print brads and a length of fibre.

I made the insert and decorated it using some lovely papers and adhesive ribbons. I stamped a larger version of my cat stamp, again coloured it with aquatone sticks, cut it out and attached it to the front of the insert. I wrote the verse on the back, using a copper Galaxy marker, which I drew a shadow round with a black pen.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Postal Book Envelope

Today I've made my envelope for the CSF postal book. This is a C5 sized envelope. I used a lovely piece of Postcard paper to cover a manilla envelope, the edges of which I had distressed using a walnut stain distress ink pad. I inserted an eyelet, and brad to enable the envelope to be fastened with a length of fibre. For the insert I did an encaustic art picture to make a postcard. On the reverse I wrote Postcard and drew a stamp to give the impression of a picture postcard. The address and message contain subtle references to CSF and it's 2nd birthday :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Molly's Card

I had to make a card for a rather special lady who will soon be 90 years old! Using a cream pearl card blank, I embossed a line around close to the edge, and highlighted it with a peeloff. I then drew a scroll on a piece of plain cream card and antiqued it using a distress ink pad. I wrote the message freehand with a two way glue pen and foiled it using foiling glitter, I attached the scroll to the card using foam pads. I attached some purple funky flowers, and used chunky self adhesive stones for the centres. I painted the small flowers and leaves using Liquid pearls and Ranger acrylics. Meanwhile using my own design butterfly stamps, I stamped the butterflies onto acetate, and glittered on the back, I then attached these to the card using dst and foam pads. I stamped and embossed my bee, and coloured it using Aquatone pencils, cut him out and attached him using foam pads.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Envelope book insert

Well I've finally managed to do the insert for my envelope! I used my own design sunflower and bee stamps, which I embossed, coloured in and layered onto the front of the insert.

On the back I wrote a verse, and decorated it with some funky flowers and another of my bees

Black rose

Well I've decided to get another tattoo............... stop laughing Lyds!!! I should be getting it done this week, and this is the design that I have come up with................. :)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

I've been tagged............apparently!

I've been tagged, by Crafty-Jen, which I understand means that I have to divulge 7 facts about myself........................... well here goes then :

1) I have 6, yes that's 6, tattoos, mainly of jewellery!
2) I own the best horse in the world, his name is Thomas and he's a shire horse
3) I also have a ferret, by the name of Babe, who wandered in one day

4) I used to be a qualified motorcycle instructor and now ride a 600cc motorbike
5) I am a qualified sub aqua diver!

6) I also passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists driving exam
7) When I was about 8 years old I had a painting shown on the weather forecast on tv all day

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Flower Envelope

Well here is my flower envelope for the book, it's a bit bright for me, personally, but I had to use this lovely paper sheet as I will be using my
sunflower stamp when I do the insert. I again used the little cardboard letters, which I embossed with black embossing powder, the
rest of the Sunflower word and writing on the back was written freehand using Galaxy markers. I added a scattering of fabric flowers, in the centres of which I used some black relief paint.

CSF Envelope Book

As you may know I'm team leader for The Six Pistols for the CSF Birthday Books Challenge, and as such had to make the covers for our book, they are!

This is the front cover of the book, which is themed on Flowers! I decoupaged the roses from a spare sheet of the paper that I had used to cover the board. I then added some small painted flowers to highlight the main images. The F is a small cardboard diecut letter, which I covered in metal leaf, the rest of the word was likewise done in metal leaf, over the top of a glue pen.

The back cover had the ribbon attached before
covering the inside surf
ace, and the writing was
again done with a two way glue pen and then
covered with metal leaf

First Post!

Well I've finally done it, I've created a blog!....................All by myself I hasten to add :) I am currently making my envelope for the Birthday books on Craft Swap Forum, and when it is made I will attempt to upload it to here! Wish me luck!