Sunday, 20 April 2008

I've been tagged............apparently!

I've been tagged, by Crafty-Jen, which I understand means that I have to divulge 7 facts about myself........................... well here goes then :

1) I have 6, yes that's 6, tattoos, mainly of jewellery!
2) I own the best horse in the world, his name is Thomas and he's a shire horse
3) I also have a ferret, by the name of Babe, who wandered in one day

4) I used to be a qualified motorcycle instructor and now ride a 600cc motorbike
5) I am a qualified sub aqua diver!

6) I also passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists driving exam
7) When I was about 8 years old I had a painting shown on the weather forecast on tv all day


craftyscot said...

great to finf out more about you Linda and may I say, all very interesting facts

Hels said...

Aw Babe is sooo cute!!